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Buildings Constructions

From the foundations to the delivery

We undertake the Construction of Buildings from the foundations to the delivery with specific times of Implementation and Cost of the Project. So far, we have built a number of buildings, houses, apartments and commercial spaces on our way. With consistency and Professional Responsibility during the Construction and after its completion and the removal of our workshops from the site.



Houses, Offices, Stores Restorations

Every Renovation is a Project for us and is treated that way. With Consistency of Time & Cost, our company has collaborated with many chains of Catering, Clothing, Telephone and Internet, Banks, Services & Super Market. Our company has built and renovated Pharmacies, Pet shops, Medical Centers, and other projects of health interest. It has renovated offices and buildings of multinational companies in Athens, the rest of Greece and abroad. It has constructed Special Projects with Lead Glass and Lead Claddings in Radiology Laboratories and Axial Tomography Scans of Private Centers and Public Hospitals

Hotel Renovations

We undertake the renovation of Hotel Units throughout Greece. With the possibility of sending our own Technical Personnel to any part of Greece, we can guarantee the absolute observance of the Work Schedules and the Quality of Construction that we will agree upon. The Financial Budget and Renewal Schedule are set up on your Application Study. Absolute monitoring by our People and Regular information that we provide to you, keeps you constantly informed about the course and the stage of the work.

Maintenance and Restoration of Listed Buildings


The Maintenance and Restoration of Listed Buildings is Difficult, Painful and requires experience and Specialized Scientific Training. Having all the Technical Media (3D Laser Scanner), we digitally capture the existing building using Photogrammetric Solid Performance. The model that is created helps us to more fully capture and design its pre-existing building as it was and as it will return after restoration. It also helps to identify points that need special static study and restoration proposal. Our company has worked on Listed buildings throughout Greece. He also has extensive experience in Listed Buildings on Islands whose lowest part is below sea level.